Our Film & Video Series of Royalty Free Music can be downloaded immediately or shipped worldwide. Get all versions of a download track for the low price of $39 - available as MP3, AIF or WAV. High Quality at a GREAT Value. Designed to enhance a film, video, dramatic setting and more. Especially good for Independent Filmmakers and Film Companies on tight budgets.
Authentic Classical CD FRESH Music

Our Authentic Classical collection is alive with masterpieces from the likes of Vivaldi, Bach, and Strauss...and more.  Classics like The William Tell Overture, Trumpet Voluntary, Wedding March and so many other well known melodies.  The uses for these Classical Hits range from Movies to Weddings, Ceremonial Events to Comedy.  Check out Classical String Quartet for more Classical Standards.

Adding greatness brings you great results.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 12 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Bombastic Cricket CD FRESH Music

Our Bombastic Cricket collection gets your point across through the use of heavy strings, drums, and “bottom” that give you both power and drama.  Orchestral Rock and Pulsing Beats sets the tone for this batch of tracks that show grandeur and vastness while still being edgy.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 9 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Bugs World CD FRESH Music

This CD takes you on a real Bug's Adventure - Quirky Arrangements with Strong Orchestrations - Great for Cartoons, Comedy, Animation, Novelty, Film, Kids, and more.... This has been a favorite of many of our voice over clients and indie film companies.  Really - You have to check this one out!!  And don't forget to look at another voice over favorite, "TV Lifestyle Sitcom".

One track $39 but you can have the entire CD for only $89.

Candlelight Romance CD FRESH Music

Our Candlelight Romance collection makes the room glow with love and romance.  Slow, passionate, and smoldering smooth jazz that can add that sensuous and sultry feeling to any video, film or on hold use.  Fires up the background with radio ready music designed with lovers in mind.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 10 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Cinematic Drama CD FRESH Music

Our Cinematic Drama CD is designed to create dramatic tension, emotion and situational music but with subtle pulsing energy so it hits to the heart of these without being over the top.  Great compositions and arrangements orchestrated to be used seamlessly together these 15 tracks make a dynamic soundtrack but each track can easily stand by itself to enhance the dramatic mood you are creating through inane or voice over.  Our newest addition to our Dramatic and Film Series.