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Innovation and Technology CD FRESH Music

Our Innovation & Technology collection goes cutting edge, call it corporate meets scientific/New Age, with intense and modern tracks, this spells motivational.  Ideal for Science, Corporate uses, Technological advances and the wonder that comes with the imagination for designing new things.

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Intensive Care CD FRESH Music

Our Intensive Care collection helps you cope when it’s not so rosy and tough times are what the near future holds.  Sounds that set the perfect mood for intense medical decisions, crucial lifetime events and intense and dark decisions.

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Jam Band CD FRESH Music

Our Jam Band collection is the real deal with long jammin' tracks filled with great hooks, beds and solos.  It’s an Elmore Leonard novel come to life that is hard, energetic plus it’s hip.

Each track comes with multiple mixes Full , Underscore, Alternate Rhythm set ups or just bass & drums along with :60 & :30's making this like 2 CD's in 1.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 5 tracks in this collection for only $89!

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An emotional song capturing both the beauty and sadness that comes in life but always knowing that you are being looked after by your own personal January Angel.

Note:  If you listen to the full length Solo Piano version or fast forward you can preview the version with added cellos that comes with the track.