MOO 7 Collection CD FRESH Music

The newest of our MOO Series which features an eclectic mix of musical styles to help make a one fits all CD ready for multiple uses.  This one features R & B, Classical Pop, Funk, Rock, Polka, Smooth Jazz, Latin and Swing. This CD is useful for so many different purposes only you can know the countless ways this CD can be a beneficial addition to your Library Collection.

Note:   On the track, January Angel, immediately following the preview of the Solo Piano version you can fast forward or then listen to the version with cellos added.

Movie Score Music CD FRESH Music

 Musical Compositions designed for Film, Video and Documentaries but useful in many other Production Applications as well. Ideal for Independent Film Makers on a tight budget.  Goes great with our other Film Series CD's.

Lush Arrangements that evoke emotions and tell stories using dynamics, orchestration, and just the right instrumentation. Unbelievable sound quality and compositions and all at low FRESH Royalty Free Music Prices

Mysteries - Time, Space, Water CD FRESH Music

This CD musically supports the Mysteries of the World - be it Ancient Civilizations, Space, The Deepest Ocean Depths, Medicine, Self Awareness, the Center of the Earth or Universe, the Complexities of Wildlife and so much more.

The Compositions on this disk, by acclaimed composer Alex Khaskin, will be the perfect match to musically bring to life any mystery or dramatic concept that your film, video, text or pictures could need. Music that is designed and composed to seamlessly be able to be woven together and used for multiple genres or topics as needed.