Hip Hop-Urban

Our Royalty Free Hip Hop, RnB Series has it all - From old school Rap tracks to today's modern Urban tracks. Takes you from styles like J.Z. to Hip Hop Jazz or brings you back to the early 90's sounds as well. Our R&B music spans the decades with tracks that conjure up the early days of James Brown or Stevie Wonder to the sounds of Alicia Keys or John Legend.
Smooth Hip Jazz CD FRESH Music

The perfect Blend of Smooth Jazz and Hip Hop Feels that is music for today's Sophisticated yet Hip Corporations, Businesses, Individuals and On Hold Music.

Listenable, Danceable, Emotional, Cool, Hip Beats, Great Melodies and Varying Styles - What more could you ask for.
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All tracks come with Full versions, Underscores, :60's and :30's
One track is $39 but you can get all 9 for only $89 with the full CD purchase.