Latin Jazz

Latin CD FRESH Music

Our Latin collection has styles from Latin America, Mexico, the whole of South America and even the islands.  As hot as a pair of Latin dancers but with tracks as romantic as an evening on a tropical shore.  Spicy, saucy, sensuous and full of rhythm.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 9 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Piano: Solo, Ambient & Jazz Groups CD FRESH Music

This outstanding CD features real Acoustic Piano pieces written and performed by Canadian Pianist and Composer Stan Fomin.  A Treasure Chest of piano numbers including Solo Piano, Ambient Piano tracks with New Age accompaniment and Trio and Quartet Jazz Groups.  Genres of music include Classical, Gospel, Boogie-Woogie, New Age, Pop, Jazz and Latin. A great CD to meet all of your piano music needs.

Smooth Hip Jazz CD FRESH Music

The perfect Blend of Smooth Jazz and Hip Hop Feels that is music for today's Sophisticated yet Hip Corporations, Businesses, Individuals and On Hold Music.

Listenable, Danceable, Emotional, Cool, Hip Beats, Great Melodies and Varying Styles - What more could you ask for.
For more great Smooth Jazz music check out Smooth Jazz and Smooth Jazz 2

All tracks come with Full versions, Underscores, :60's and :30's
One track is $39 but you can get all 9 for only $89 with the full CD purchase.


The Accordion CD FRESH Music

The Accordion is an instrument with a long musical history and is known for its unique sound and use in music throughout the world.  This takes the Accordion to places beyond the normal thought of Polkas and brings it to new and exciting places.  Styles including, Latin, Fox Trot, Novelty, Musical Storytelling, and more make this a fabulous CD for use in Ballroom Dancing, Filmscores or On Hold.  Drenched in outstanding accordion performances by world renowned accordionist, Stan Fomin, these tracks range from thoughtful and provoking to amazing jazz solos and novelty up tempo silent film style music.