Library of Downloadable Royalty Free Music

FRESH Music currently has 157 CDs to choose from ranging in style from Classical to Hip Hop, Country to Jazz, Techno to New Age, Rock, World, Swing and everything in between. Our music library is growing constantly so check back often to preview the music on our newest releases of the best and most affordable royalty free music on the market today.

2Hip 2Soon
2Hip 2Soon CD FRESH Music
Techno Dance, Groove Funk, Dance Pop & Techno
70’s CD FRESH Music
70's Groove Funk Music with Dance in mind.
80’s CD FRESH Music
80's "Big Hair" Rock, Dance Pop and Rock Ballads.
Access Community
Access Community CD FRESH Music
TV Pop, Jazz Pop and more - Great "Access TV" Music
Acoustic Atmospheres
Acoustic Atmospheres CD FRESH Music
Atmospheric Music including New Age and Folk
Acoustic Country Rock
Acoustic Country Rock CD FRESH Music
A great blending of Modern and Classic Country
Acoustic Guitar Moods 1
Acoustic Guitar Moods 1 CD FRESH Music
14 Great Solo Acoustic Guitar Tracks
Acoustic Guitar Moods 2
Acoustic Guitar Mood 2 CD FRESH Music
14 Great Solo Acoustic Guitar Tracks
Action Grooves
Action Grooves CD FRESH Music
Up Tempo music brimming with high intensity
Adrenaline Television
Adrenaline Television CD FRESH Music
Heavy Metal to Techno with high adrenaline levels
Alternative Rock
Alternative Rock CD FRESH Music
In the styles of REM, Talking Heads, U2 - The 90's
Americana CD FRESH Music
Victory Marches and Patriotic Themes
Atmospheres CD FRESH Music
Theme songs for New Age times-Discovery Channel
Authentic Classical
Authentic Classical CD FRESH Music
Masterpieces from the likes of Bach, Strauss...and more
Back Road Country
Back Road Country CD FRESH Music
Modern Country Music - music to grab a beer by or listening to the radio in your pick up
Blues CD FRESH Music
Blues in all its various forms...
Bombastic Cricket
Bombastic Cricket CD FRESH Music
Orchestral Rock, heavy strings, drums, power and drama
Bugs World
Bugs World CD FRESH Music
Quirky Arrangements for Comedy, Children, TV
Candlelight Romance
Candlelight Romance CD FRESH Music
Slow, passionate, and smoldering Smooth Jazz
Children's Rhymes & Classics
Children’s Rhymes and Classics CD FRESH Music
Themes like Old Macdonald, Pop Goes The Weasel.....
Cinematic Drama
Cinematic Drama CD FRESH Music
15 Orchestral-Cinematic tracks that are dramatic with a pulsing engergy but all created in a subtle yet pwerful way.
Classic Rock
Classic Rock CD FRESH Music
60's music and sounds like Hendrix, The Who....
Classical One and Only
Classical One and Only CD FRESH Music
42 tracks of Solo Instruments like Flute, Cello....
Classical String Quartet
Classical String Quartet CD FRESH Music
String Quartet playing well known Classical Themes
Coming Attractions
Coming Attractions CD FRESH Music
28 cuts of music like major movie preview scores and attention grabbing tracks
Competitive Overdrive
Competitive Overdrive CD FRESH Music
Burns with metallic ferocity and hard rock intensity
Contemporary Backgrounds
Contemporary Backgrounds CD FRESH Music
Backgrounds for today's Industries and Businesses
Contemporary Classical
Contemporary Classical CD FRESH Music
Classical themes played in a Modern style
Cool Grooves
Cool Grooves CD FRESH Music
On Hold Music done “FRESHER”
Corporate Power
Corporate Power CD FRESH Music
Orchestrations filled with a winning edge attitude
Country Fresh
Country Fresh CD FRESH Music
Classic and Current Country Chart topping styles
Cutting Edge Corporate
Cutting Edge Corporate CD FRESH Music
Corporate but no stuffiness here, "Pure Power"
Cyber Sports
Cyber Sports CD FRESH Music
Electronic Music designed for cyber space
Dark New Age
Dark New Age CD FRESH Music
Dark and Mysterious New Age Music
Desert Schooner
Desert Schooner CD FRESH Music
Middle Eastern, Indian and African World Music
Dramatic Themes
Dramatic Themes CD FRESH Music
Dramatic Themes for Film, Video and more
Eclectic Filmscore
Eclectic Filmscore CD FRESH Music
Eclectic, yet effective, Film music
Epic Orchestral
Epic Orchestral CD FRESH Music
An Epic set of Orchestral Filmscore Music
Euro Dance
Euro Dance CD FRESH Music
Euro Dance - percussive & polished techno
Euro Dance Elements
Euro Dance Elements CD FRESH Music
99 tracks of Euro Dance Elements
Extreme Corporate
Extreme Corporate CD FRESH Music
Corporate Superiority in a futuristic and epic fashion
Extreme Sports
Extreme Sports CD FRESH Music
Fits the action perfectly and packs a musical punch
Fashionista CD FRESH Music
Adds the right touch for any runway or fashion need
Fast Track
Fast Track CD FRESH Music
Fast paced tracks but with integrity and style
Feels Good
Feels Good CD FRESH Music
Relaxed and upbeat music that FEELS GOOD!
Filmscore CD FRESH Music
Orchestral Film Music covering varied emotions
Free Form Beats
Free Form Beats CD FRESH Music
A video editor’s dream tool for drum riffs and beats
Freestyle CD FRESH Music
A CD of Jazz Pop and Fusion for the Rich and Famous
Fresh Country
FRESH Country covers straight country, country pop, bluegrass with great pedal steel, fiddle and dobro
Fresh X
Fresh X CD FRESH Music
Pure adrenaline for gaming, corporate, sports...
Fresher Longer
Fresher Longer CD FRESH Music
Longer length tracks of Jazz, Groove Funk and more
Geo Political
Geo Political CD FRESH Music
Critcal news updates, Politics - CNN, MSNBC
Global Village
Global Village CD FRESH Music
Modern World Music a/la Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon
Groovy Baby
Groovy Baby CD FRESH Music
Retro fun with catchy, quirky tunes 'Austin Powers'
Guitarworks CD FRESH Music
Pure rockin' guitars for fast cars, sports...
Guitarworks 2: Jump, Jive, Swing and Surf
Guitarworks 2: Jump, Jive, Swing and Surf CD FRESH Music
Music that Jumps, Jives, Swings and Surfs Out
Headbanger Sports
Headbanger Sports CD FRESH Music
Rockers fueled by churning, burning, distorted guitars
Hearts & Flowers
Hearts and Flowers CD FRESH Music
Heartfelt melodies that are sparse but effective
Hip Hop Now!
Hip Hop Now CD FRESH Music
Mixes hip hop, house, jazz and rock styles
HipStyle CD FRESH Music
Rock/fusion meets Smooth Jazz-cool and laid back
Holiday Sampler
Holiday Sampler CD FRESH Music
Christmas Classics in various stylistic arrangements
Horror/ Sci Fi
Horror/SciFi CD FRESH Music
A Mix of styles for Horror and Science Fiction
Hot Grooves
Hot grooves CD FRESH Music
“In your face" but keeps the focus on the message
House & Garden
House and Garden CD FRESH Music
Real Estate, Access Community, Easy Listening
Inner Peace
Inner Peace CD FRESH Music
Ambient Music at its best! Yoga, Meditation, Nature, Discovery, Mystery, Imagination
Innovation & Technology
Innovation and Technology CD FRESH Music
Corporate meets Scientific/New Age
Intensive Care
Intensive Care CD FRESH Music
Sets the mood for intense decisions and events
Island Nights & Lights
Island Nights & Lights CD FRESH Music
Island Paradise of fun, beauty, romance and relaxation
Jam Band
Jam Band CD FRESH Music
Long jammin' tracks with great hooks, beds and solos
Jazz Alive - Jazz Piano Quartet
Jazz Alive - Jazz Piano Quartet CD FRESH Music
Live - Piano, Acoustic Bass, Drums and Vibes
Kiddin' Around
Kiddin' Around CD FRESH Music
Childish with humorous, cartoon style and fun tracks
Latin CD FRESH Music
Spicy and saucy Latin, Mexican and Island Styles
Liquid Relaxation
Liquid Relaxation Fresh Music CD
Ethereal tracks that flow and float with no real tempo. Designed for Meditation & Relaxation in New Age musical style.
Mirror Image
Mirror Image CD FRESH Music
Sound-a-likes of giant media moments and icons
Mirror Image 2
Mirror Image 2 CD FRESH Music
Sound-a-likes of giant media moments and icons
Mirror Image 3 - Rockin' The Decades
Mirror Image 3 - Rockin' The Decades CD Fresh Music
50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's
Modern Corporate
Modern Corporate CD FRESH Music
Music for today's Corporations and Businesses
Modern Pop Rock 2011
Modern Pop Rock CD FRESH Music
Sounds like Coldplay, U2, The Wallflowers, Arcade Fire
Modern Traditional
Modern Traditional CD FRESH Music
Traditional Global music done in Modern Styles
MOO 1 Collection
MOO 1 Collection CD FRESH Music
A variety of styles from the one CD fits all MOO series
MOO 2 Collection
MOO 2 Collection CD FRESH Music
Far Eastern, Native American, Pop, New Age and more
MOO 3 Collection
MOO 3 Collection CD FRESH Music
A variety of styles from the one CD fits all MOO series
MOO 4 Collection
MOO 4 Collection CD FRESH Music
A variety of styles from the one CD fits all MOO series
MOO 5 Collection
MOO 5 Collection CD FRESH Music
A variety of styles from the one CD fits all MOO series
MOO 6 Collection
MOO 6 Collection CD FRESH Music
A variety of styles from the one CD fits all MOO series
MOO 7 Collection
MOO 7 Collection CD FRESH Music
Another in our MOO Series: R & B, Classical Pop, Funk, Rock, Polka, Smooth Jazz,...
Mother Afrika
Mother Afrika CD FRESH Music
A musical safari depicting old and new Africa
Movie Score Music
Movie Score Music CD FRESH Music
Ideal for Independent Film Makers on a tight budget
Music For Commercials
Great sounding tracks for commercials, websites, on-hold, films or any creative media that needs music synced
Mysteries - Time, Space, Water
Mysteries - Time, Space, Water CD FRESH Music
Music for the Mysteries of the World
New Age Pop
New Age Pop CD FRESH Music
New Age Music with a Pop Music flair
New Century Indie Rock
New Century Indie Rock CD FRESH Music
Rock Music famous in Germany, Pours like Red Bull
New Millennium
New Millennium CD FRESH Music
New Millennium Music blending Jazz, House.....
New World Beat
New World Beat CD FRESH Music
World Music with a modern and intoxicating flair
News Themes
News Themes CD FRESH Music
Current Events, News Broadcasts and Politics
Nostalgia CD FRESH Music
A ride down memory lane from the 30's to the 70's
Novelty CD FRESH Music
Part circus, part nostalgia, full on corny and happy
Olympic CD FRESH Music
Motivational for sports, corporations, film and on-hold
One and Only
One and Only CD FRESH Music
39 tracks of solo inst.: guitar, trumpet, bass, and..
Open Spaces
Open Spaces CD FRESH Music
Grand musical vistas done subtly
Optimism and Inspiration
Optimism and Inspiration CD FRESH Music
Hope, Beauty, Belief, Forward Thinking
Orchestral Maneuvers
Orchestral Maneuvers CD FRESH Music
Melodies that underscore your message with grandeur
Orient Bound
Orient Bound CD FRESH Music
China and Far Eastern locations with authentic instruments
Party Gras
Party Gras CD FRESH Music
Bourbon Street with Cajun music and the smell of crawfish gumbo
Piano: Solo, Ambient & Jazz Groups
Piano: Solo, Ambient & Jazz Groups CD FRESH Music
Solo. Ambient & Jazz Group numbers featuring Acoustic Grand Piano in various Styles and Genres.
Political Action
Political Action CD FRESH Music
Music designed to accent the Political Arena - Powerful and Dramatic
Prime Time
Prime Time CD FRESH Music
TV series genres like crime dramas, cops, TV prime time broadcasts
Produce Volume 01
Produce SFX Volume 01 CD FRESH Music
99 effects.. Ambiences, places, animal sounds and more
Produce Volume 02
Produce SFX Volume 02 CD FRESH Music
99 effects.. Water sounds, human sounds, synth backgrounds and more
Produce Volume 03
Produce SFX Volume 03 CD FRESH Music
99 effects.. Drama cues, guitar transitions, cars, elevators and more
Produce Volume 04
Produce SFX Volume 04 CD FRESH Music
99 effects.. Baseball, keyboards, machines, tools and nature sounds.
Produce Volume 05
Produce SFX Volume 05 CD FRESH Music
99 effects.. Tasers, percussion, explosions and household sounds.
Produce Volume 06
Produce SFX Volume 06 CD FRESH Music
99 effects..Musical transitions, shimmers, planes & trains, household
Produce Volume 07
Produce SFX Volume 07 CD FRESH Music
99 effects.. Animals, bugs, carnivals, marching bands, explosions....
Produce Volume 08
Produce SFX Volume 08 CD FRESH Music
98 effects.. of vocal cues, spoken letters and numbers
Produce Volume 09
Produce SFX Volume 09 CD FRESH Music
97 effects.. Classical music cues, drum riffs and water sounds
Produce Volume 10
Produce SFX Volume 10 CD FRESH Music
99 tracks of Group Spoken greetings and common phrases
Produce Volume 11
Produce SFX Volume 11 CD FRESH Music
100 tracks of Spoken phrases that are useful for just about any occasion
Produce Volume 12
Produce SFX Volume 12 CD FRESH Music
98 tracks of commom spoken phrases with multiple uses
Production Beds
Prduction Beds CD FRESH Music
40 tracks of varying styles that each have a :60 and :30 included
Production Components
Production Components CD FRESH Music
88 Groove-oriented transitions and beds. Plus buttons, loops, drones, and pulses
Production Elements
Production Elements CD FRESH Music
99 tracks of stingers, logos, and hits. Solid base of production tools.
Production Elements 2
Production Elements 2 CD FRESH Music
99 tracks of buttons, loops, and transitions creates a great production toolbox
RapCeeDee CD FRESH Music
11 tracks of Vintage House, Hip Hop, Rap and Dance Pop Music
Raucous Audacity
Raucous Audacity CD FRESH Music
Heavy Metal, Acid Jazz, Groove Funk and Alternative Rock smoldering with electricity
Rockin' Pop
A CD chock full of of Pop style music with just the right amount of Rock influence to make them all Rockin' Pop songs.
Sacred Songs
Renditions of some standard religious favorites and some include vocal versions
Santa's Little Helper
Santa's Little Helper CD FRESH Music
Well known Christmas melodies played in unique and fresh styles
Sharing & Caring
Sharing and Caring CD FRESH Music
Tracks that cast a reassuring mood, build trust and banish sadness
Ska & Reggae
Ska and Reggae CD FRESH Music
Ska & Reggae music ranging from Jamaica to London and everywhere in between
Smooth Hip Jazz
Smooth Hip Jazz CD FRESH Music
The perfect llend of Smooth Jazz and Hip Hop for today's Businesses and On-Hold
Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz CD FRESH Music
Smooth Jazz collection goes down easy with bluesy, cool, and dreamy songs
Smooth Jazz 2
Smooth Jazz 2 CD FRESH Music
Smooth, sleek, funky, sensual, bouncy, groovin' and soulful Smooth Jazz tracks
Solo Piano Moods 1
Solo Piano Moods 1 CD FRESH Music
14 Solo Piano tracks and each comes with full, :60, :30, and :10 tag versions
Solo Piano Moods 2
Solo Piano Moods 2 CD FRESH Music
14 Solo Piano tracks including Classical, Ragtime and New Age Music
Soul-Full Sounds
Soul-Full Sounds CD FRESH Music
Contains modern R&B tracks like Alicia Keys along with classic Motown like Stevie Wonder
Sparse CD FRESH Music
Never interferes with your message yet provides excellent Background Music
Sports & Action
Sports and Action CD FRESH Music
Keeps energy flowing with fast paced tracks that crank at peak amplitude
Strategic Contemplation
Strategic Contemplation CD FRESH Music
Charts the winds of fortune with dark, serious, and ominous New Age Music
Swing CD FRESH Music
Swing music in styles from Benny Goodman, Louie Prima, Latin Swing to Brian Setzer
Techno Industrial
Techno Industrial CD FRESH Music
Music for fashion, sports, politics, and sales using Techno based music
Textures CD FRESH Music
Fills the atmosphere with peaceful sounds and creates soothing accents for the right mood
That's Entertainment
That's Entertainment CD FRESH Music
For entertainment needs from an overture to a lead in for big events or a magic show
The 50's
The 50's CD FRESH Music
Music that brings back the days of sock hops, drive-ins, poodle shirts and slicked back hair
The Accordion
The Accordion CD FRESH Music
A CD filled with amazing Accordion songs and performances.
The Four Fabs
The Four Fabs CD FRESH Music
Musical styles the "Fab Four" created from 1963 until their mid way point
The Four Fabs Too
The Four Fabs Too CD FRESH Music
"Fab Four" style songs from mid career 'til the end of their varied musical offerings
Traditional American Folk
Traditional American Folk CD FRESH Music
Classic Traditional American Folk Songs using Dulcimer, Banjo, Fiddle and...
Trop Rock
Trop Rock CD FRESH Music
Music in the styles of Jimmy Buffett, Pirate Dreams and other Trop Rock Radio sounds
Tropicalia CD FRESH Music
Makes temperatures rise and the islands come alive through steamy Latin Music
TV Lifestyle Sitcom
TV Lifestyle Sitcom CD FRESH Music
Each track has a light and comical touches but with excellent TV Sitcom quality
Ultimate Action Beds
Ultimate Action Beds CD FRESH Music
Ultimate Action Beds is about high energy, motivational and promotional music
Vintage Meditation
Vintage Meditation CD FRESH Music
Ambient Music: For Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy and Relaxation
Western Swing
Western Swing CD FRESH Music
Up-tempo country music and Texas Swing - Fiddles and steel guitars all swinging away
Where Are We?
Where Are We CD FRESH Music
Sports stadium, elegant restaurant, newsroom, ice cream truck, roller rink or...
Wonderfulness CD FRESH Music
Packs a feel-good high with a diverse range of musical styles
World Vision
World Vision CD FRESH Music
Rousing orchestrations but with strong, quick paced and modern arrangements
World Wide
World Wide CD FRESH Music
Gathers global musical themes with authenticity