Our Meditation and Yoga Music is royalty free and can be used for relaxation, instruction, and is ideal for ambient music for film, video or on hold. Used extensively by Sit and Be Fit on PBS this music is also great for low impact and geriatric exercise as well. A great source of background music for nature and wildlife scenes as well as soothing on hold or waiting room music. Check out other music in this style in our New Age genre category.

Acoustic Atmospheres CD FRESH Music

Our Acoustic Atmospheres collection has that wide open sound.  Music with a hint of mystery. New Age Music with overlays of Folk Music.  Earthy yet atmospheric.  Soft and Spacious but with real musicality in the compositions and performances.  Great for stopping places, overviews, or maybe long views.  Ideal for numerous uses ranging from film and videos to warm and soothing on hold music.

 Remember -  1 track is $39 but you can have all 11 of the tracks in this collection for only $89!

Atmospheres CD FRESH Music

Our Atmospheres collection plays theme songs for new times with pure New Age Instrumentation and feeling.  Inspirational, mysterious, and peaceful music with a scientific flavor. Great for Ambient film music, background music for exhibits of science, space, and the earth a million years ago.  Discovery Channel style music offered from FRESH Music at a great value!

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 12 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Dark New Age CD FRESH Music

Our Dark New Age collection invites you to the underworld so beware the unexpected and mysterious.  Here’s a prism view of a world devoid of light but handled with an ethereal soundscape that is prevalent in New Age Music.  Perfect when a dark theme is needed but over the top will not work but being subtle is needed.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 13 tracks in this collection for only $89!