R and B

MOO 5 Collection CD FRESH Music

A wide array of music can be found on this MOO 5 CD with styles ranging from James Brown to The Killers, with some Latin, Classical, Pop Ballad and more making it suitable for many uses.  As always, the FRESH Music MOO Series is designed with an eclectic flair, when you need one CD with a number of styles on it, so that one fits all.

Reminder - You can get the entire CD for $89 while 1 track is $39

MOO 7 Collection CD FRESH Music

The newest of our MOO Series which features an eclectic mix of musical styles to help make a one fits all CD ready for multiple uses.  This one features R & B, Classical Pop, Funk, Rock, Polka, Smooth Jazz, Latin and Swing. This CD is useful for so many different purposes only you can know the countless ways this CD can be a beneficial addition to your Library Collection.

Note:   On the track, January Angel, immediately following the preview of the Solo Piano version you can fast forward or then listen to the version with cellos added.