Our Moo Series and Mirror Image Series of CD's are the perfect mix of music when only one or two tracks of any given style are needed and having a tight budget - These discs can be invaluable.
MOO 5 Collection CD FRESH Music

A wide array of music can be found on this MOO 5 CD with styles ranging from James Brown to The Killers, with some Latin, Classical, Pop Ballad and more making it suitable for many uses.  As always, the FRESH Music MOO Series is designed with an eclectic flair, when you need one CD with a number of styles on it, so that one fits all.

Reminder - You can get the entire CD for $89 while 1 track is $39

MOO 6 Collection CD FRESH Music

 Another adventurous CD in our MOO Collection. You'll find Rock ranging from the 50's and 60's to today's sound, A Bar Band rocker, Classical in the style of the Pachelbel Canon, along with some Pop Orchestral Ballads and a great Latin Ballroom number. This one CD has everything you need.

Each track, except Paternato, come with an underscore and they all have :60 and :30 second versions.

Remember - one track is $39.00 but you can get the Complete CD - all 9 tracks plus all of the alternate underscores, :60 & :30 versions for the low price of $89.

MOO 7 Collection CD FRESH Music

The newest of our MOO Series which features an eclectic mix of musical styles to help make a one fits all CD ready for multiple uses.  This one features R & B, Classical Pop, Funk, Rock, Polka, Smooth Jazz, Latin and Swing. This CD is useful for so many different purposes only you can know the countless ways this CD can be a beneficial addition to your Library Collection.

Note:   On the track, January Angel, immediately following the preview of the Solo Piano version you can fast forward or then listen to the version with cellos added.

New Millennium CD FRESH Music

Our New Millennium collection is about music that turns the corner into this millenium through the blend of jazz, house, fusion, and exotic music.  A new era is here and you can say it with music.  Stylistically unique and provocative tracks that are sure to catch your audiences senses and ears.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 9 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Open Spaces CD FRESH Music

Our Open Spaces collection works on the bigger picture by creating grand musical vistas but in subtle understated ways. Music that is contemplative, meditative, and uplifting ranging stylistically from Folk to Jazz to Groove Funk.  

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 8 tracks in this collection for only $89!