Our Ethnic/Cultural/World series of royalty free music covers the World in musical styles from Russian to Middle Eastern, African to Latin, Celtic to Indian and every corner of the Globe.  Whether your needs are a hot Latin scene, breathtaking landscapes or historical documentaries and life depicting cultures around the globe we have tracks that can suit your needs.  An immensely valuable tool for commercials, school uses (get our great lesson plan here) or any where or thing in the world that your imagination can take you.

Orient Bound CD FRESH Music

Our Orient Bound collection scores the best of China and other Far Eastern locations. Authentic instruments treat classics with reverence, folk music of these nations with respect, but add a bit of today's sounds on a few tracks incorporation rock on one and hip hop on another and one designed for animation and children in mind.  Good for ceremony, sales, film and classroom.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 11 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Party Gras CD FRESH Music

Our Party Gras collection blasts you right down onto Bourbon Street with the sounds of Cajun, light jazz, brass, and traditional folk.  These tracks are all upbeat, vibrant, and frenetic.  You can just smell the crawfish gumbo and see the parade just partying by!! 

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 9 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Tropicalia CD FRESH Music

Our Tropicalia collection makes temperatures rise and the islands come alive through steamy and contemporary music. The Latino Sound in all its diversity from Latin Big Bands to Ricky Martin.  Even though it is Latin based it will heat up any Island or Night Life Vacation destination to a rolling boil!!

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 10 tracks in this collection for only $89!

Where Are We CD FRESH Music

Our "Where Are We?" collection goes places in everyday life to Paradise. 

On one track you'll find yourself in a sports stadium or arena and on the next an elegant restaurant.  Other diverse locations include a newsroom, ice cream truck or a roller rink.  Sets up the perfect musical bed to sonically put one into these locations or be the ideal accompaniment to enhance visuals of the places described in the titles.

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 18 tracks (2 versions X 9) in this collection for only $89!

World Wide CD FRESH Music

Our World Wide collection gathers global themes..

Mixed the modern way for uplift but retaining the authenticity of the music from the lands the tracks are depicting. 

Note: 1 track is $39 but you can get all 13 tracks in this collection for only $89!